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Whats New in VxRail 4.7.300

by | VxRail

VxRail 4.7.300 is now available for download September 18th 2019.

With the release of 4.7.300 It is great to see VMware and Dell Technologies engineering teams work closely together and it is continuing to pay dividends. VxRail is Still the only co-engineered HCI solution. One of the most exciting enhancements in the release has to be the VxRail integration with vCenter HTML5 GUI which includes the physical and lifecycle management. As a prior VMware administrator this is much appreciated. I like being able to remove bookmarks that help me manage my environments. My second favorite feature about this release is the ability to limit the amount of data sent from VxRail manager to your central vCenters. A lot of large retailers/manufacturing/finance will be able to benefit with such enhancements. Yet another innovation that VxRail created, this could be a great use case for edge deployments around the world.

Here is the list of what is new in release 4.7.300:

  • Streamlined updates: Smart LCM can determine what components are required for updates. You are no longer required to always do full bundle updates.


  • Faster upgrades: Automatically prestage updates on nodes during an upgrade to reduce the upgrade time of a cluster.


  • New node expansion enhancement: When adding a node that is a previous version  the system will automatically upgrade to a compatible version as part of the cluster expansion operation.


  • iDRAC event integration: iDRAC alerts now sent to VxRail Manager.


  • Native VxRail in vSphere: Physical views and LCM are now native in the vCenter HTML 5 GUI.


  • Bandwidth enhancements: You are now able to set limits on the amount of data sent from VxRail manager to your core vCenter.


  • Layer 3: L3 support for multi rack configurations.


  • vSphere 6.7U3 update.