Changing the View Connection Server Ciphers

by | VMware Horizon View

Have you ever wanted to control your cipher suite or enforce a certain tls protocol in VMware View? Changing your cipher suite can be warranted for a few reasons. Maybe one cipher suite is to weak, or maybe development on a particular endpoint does not support this type of cipher. Or maybe your security policy requires you to do so. Whatever the reason may be you can control it with VMware at the server level forcing the clients to negotiate on only a few ciphers or protocols

To change the view connection server ciphers and negotiation protocol open a notepad and enter the following below. After you are done editing make sure you save as

#should be ordered with the latest protocol first:


#this setting must be the latest protocol givin in the list above:


# The order of the following list is unimportant:



copy this into: C:\program files\vmware\vmware view\server\sslgateway\conf