What’s New In Horizon 2212 – Now Generally Available

by | Jan 17, 2023 | VMware Horizon View


Just released and made generally available on 01/12/2022, Horizon Version 2212 is the latest Extended Service Branch release, and it’s a big one! When you move to the Extended Service Branch, you can expect a more stable Horizon environment. You are free to move out of Extended Service Branches to current releases, so long as you upgrade to a version at the same or later date than your most recent ESB SP update. As a reminder, the ESBs are typically released 12 months apart. In the future I will be going over some of these new announcements in future posts.


Horizon Server and Instant Clones

  • Ability for admins to import and validate SSL certificates in Horizon Console
  • Support Cloud Pod Architecture with IPv6
  • Full clone AD binding
  • Instant Clone support for Microsoft MAK licensing
  • Instant Clone mode B support for vTPM desktops
  • Migrate from Azul to Bellsoft OpenJDK in Horizon Server
  • Increased max number of VMs per host support from 200 to 500 for non-vSAN storage
  • Support for Full Clone agent auto upgrade (Beta)
  • Additional REST APIs
  • Support for latest VMC on AWS and AVS platforms

Client and Agent Release

  • Auto install Zoom & WebEx plug-in
  • Support QT Tool to support Blast on Teradici zero clients
  • DEEM reporting Windows client
  • WebRTC SDK
  • Support comments in location based printing
  • Custom ports for UDP with AVI
  • Migrate to BellSoft OpenJDK
  • LinuxVDI add SuSE 15 SP4; RHEL 7.9; Debian support
  • PIV-D support iOS client
  • Blast tuner for easy pre-sets
  • Prevent multiple server icons with AVI, UAG & SAML IDP with HTML Access

App Volumes

  • Published Apps on Demand
  • Ability to Update Package Notes
  • Apps On Demand: Login Improvements for a Large Number of Apps


Dynamic Environment  Manager

  • The features in this release are the same as DEM 2209
  • No upgraded needed unless you are looking to align with Horizon 2212 ESB



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