What’s New In Horizon 2303 – Now Generally Available

by | Apr 4, 2023 | VMware Horizon View


Just released and made generally available on 03/30/2023 is Horizon Version 2303. This is the most current release of Horizon View from VMware. As a reminder this is a majority of the updates below. Look to the links below in the release notes section for full feature information and any additional updates should they happen from VMware.


Horizon Server and Instant Clones

  • Instant Clone Sysprep customization now supports a adding vTPM device for clones.
  • Improvement in snapshot management – Snapshot vmdk files of the parent image are now deleted from the datastore when the corresponding snapshots are deleted from the vCenter.
  • Instant Clone troubleshooting – Admins can now see timestamp along with pool provisioning errors in the Horizon console.

Client and Agent Release

  • Support AV1 Encoding on desktops with Intel ATS-M GPUs
  • Windows Client Blast only Bad internet connection warning
  • URL redirection rules based on IP address
  • BlastCodec support for Mac ARM
  • Suppress broker time out message
  • Proxy authentication
  • Screen shipping for media offload
  • Individual Application sharing
  • Browser content redirection for Linux client.
  • iOS & Android client support for Horizon V2 Next-Gen.
  • BlastCodec client performance improvement.
  • Improved Blast connection failure diagnostic information.

App Volumes

  • Agent Credentials for File Shares


Dynamic Environment Manager

  • Support for searching DEM configuration.
  • Support for running custom commands as SYSTEM Context.
  • Support for FlexEngine command-line option to apply NoAD Settings on-demand.

Release Notes